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What is all the fuss about AI, is it just a trend or more?

In the last post I wrote, I didn't know much about artificial intelligence (AI) yet, but I understood that it was the next thing. Since I am a curious woman and really like to learn, especially new things, I started learning and experimenting in the field. 3 courses are already behind me, of which two are very comprehensive, and I feel that this is the tip of the iceberg.

Mid-Journey has taken me by storm, and I spend every spare minute there bringing up to light crazy ideas and feeling amazed as they appear before my eyes in no time. As a creative person, this is my wet dream.

Sometimes the ideas that pop up everywhere, even at night in my dreams, seem a bit illogical and impractical, at least in this media I can see how they translate into different products or works, quickly. You can refine, develop and then go to the studio to implement/wait to implement later, or leave them as a fantasy, that’s also ok, I can also just move on, and come back them later.

In my opinion, it's here to stay, those who will know how to use the potential wisely, will save a lot of time, get a lot of inspiration, and reach places they never dreamed of!

Here is an example of inspiration for the design of a bag from the series “bags inspired by movies” The final design is on the left, the other 2 are made by Mid-Journey

And another example The final design is on the leftt, the other 2 are made by Mid-Journey

By the way, I have already designed 6 bags in this mini collection you can see it in home page - new in the shop, and there may be a few more in the future. An example of posts on social media where I incorporated designs from Mid-Journey.

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