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An end, and also a Beginning! Bye 2022, Hello 2023!

Updated: Feb 15

Everyone writes year summaries, the truth is I approached writing a bit reluctantly, a year summery, again?

This year, I got sick with Corona twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. Now I'm just having a cold, hope it's still legit to be just having a cold.

This year, we saw the grandchildren quite a lot, both the English and the Dutch, but still miss them all the time, planning a trip to frozen Europe very soon, so there is something to look forward to! We also traveled to Greece and Italy that were both beautiful!

This year, I was less busy in the business, I found myself creating when I have inspiration and desire to create and looking for other interests such as enrichment courses, a lot of writing and introspection, 1:1 Instagram tutorials that I really enjoy teaching. I came to the conclusion that I must be in motion, in constant learning, I recently finished a course on spiritual aspects related to life and business, now I am studying fashion and architecture in cinema, and in a week I will start a course on using digital software for painting, innovative and intriguing, maybe after that I will go back to painting, I really want to!

I also visited a few exhibition, the last one, a couple of weeks ago was a retrospective and tribute to the late designer Albert Elbaz, it was so beautiful, and sad. The main thing I took with me, is it's love to women and desire to design cloths that are comfortable and goes well with woman's body and fits her busy life!

Having said all that, I'm obviously planning new designs for next year, I ordered some beautiful laces, I intend to design a bag “collection from the movies” following the course, and I am sure more new designs will come later!

The last sale of 2022 ends in a few days it’s on magenta bags that I already wrote about in the previous post, you are invited to choose a bag in this gorgeous color!


Come with glitter or without, bring with you abundance, health, joy and peace…

a little less corona because we've fed up with it already!