Client's are  saying...

Posha, That bought several pieces, says

This purse is dainty and very delicate, perfect for a night out on a very special occasion. This change purse is absolutely beautiful! Worth every penny:-)

M.B. says

This purse is wonderful and well made. It arrived sooner than expected and I will definitely order another item again.


Adi says

the purse arrived quickly and I just love it!
its perfect, and just what I imagined! 
thank you!!


Loren says

I have decided to buy myself a new hand bag. This is not merely a simple purchase for me: while I was working in the hi-tech industry I had to keep my handbag very small so it will fit in my drawer. I feel that buying a new and normal sized bag with the money I have earned from my business that I enjoy doing, is kind of like setting myself free  So I bought a very pretty and functional handbag from Lika Mia . I was very happy with it but was a little apprehensive about putting my ID card in it because it did not have a small separate compartment with a zipper. I called her up and she added this compartment and would not charge for the extra work - she just wanted me to be completely happy and I definitely am!


Gila says 

Dear Lea, Thank you very much for a lovely bussiness card case. It is so  terrific  to draw out the card in an organized way from an invested case.


Michal says

I was with my daughter today  My 20 years old daughter  was overwhelmed  from the beauty and the style. The truth is that Lea is creating very unique purses that are also suitable for young girls  that graduate high school and for older women too. We got out with a beautiful purse!


The short story about Cinderella # 2  (Yael)

Tonight at 10 pm I remembered that I don't have a purse for the convention tomorrow! I have one old and worn-out…what should I do?? Right away I picked up the phone and called Lea (staring as the good ferry) and we decided to meet at her place 1 hour before midnight! I started the pumpkin and we met at the magic studio… as a proper Cinderella, I brought a shoe with me (how else we will fit the color?) and hope, magic I have a purse and just any purse! So what an occupational therapist that takes the train to a convention needs after all a book and a cool purse!  Thank you Lea, the good fairy! I am ready for the ball (…The prince will get along 2 days with 2 kids, summer camp and all the rest.




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