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About Me

Lea Pessi Even

Why Bags?

My story starts from the day I remember myself, I was always creative, painted designed jewelry, worked on wood and more.

I wanted to create something unique and filled with color, and to combine creativity with functionality. I realized it in bags, being able to fulfill dreams of other women, gives me a lot of pleasure & satisfaction. I love style and colors, but a good bag to my opinion should combine both. It would be both, beautiful and stylish, as well as functional, comfortable to wear, and durable.

I design and handcraft every single handbag, one by one, creating one-of-a-kind works of unique art, it ensembles together to small chic collections. Leather comes in different processing methods; I use chrome processed leather. A new leather is like a blank sheet, the texture imposes what can be created out of it, an evening purse, a big and beautiful tote bag or maybe leather jewelry piece such as bracelet. What I love the most is the surprise element. When I design a bag, I know in my head how the final product will look, but it will not always be the case; leather has its own qualities and it will add to the end product its special twist.

What is my style?

I adore vintage and love the comfort and functionality of new products. I try to combine it all to New Vintage Design. Even when I design more modern bags, I try to add a vintage touch. You are invited to my shop; you are more than welcome to tell me what you think and place a costume order!


Inspiration is everywhere! It is in the colors of nature, street style, vintage fashion, books, stories, you name it. Sometime it is a bag accessory such as a beautiful buckle, a gorgeous pair of handles or a retro metal frame. Beautiful leather, is an inspiration as well, I just know, that I got to have it, it looks at me, I look at it, and a day comes that a bag is born from it.


I design for women who like something different, who have confidence and dare to wear what they like, who appreciate the art and hand work behind a unique design. I am proud to offer you a handbag that will show the world that you are a daring, stylish, confident, chic, and beautiful woman, a Lika Mia woman!

Hope to see you soon,

Lea Passi-Even

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