About  Me

When I started my new direction in life as handbag designer, I wanted to create my own brand. I like many styles; I am inspired by the younger generation in my family, street fashion and great international designers. Anything in the world can inspire me the flowers in the garden the smile of my daughter, the changing colors of nature along the seasons, everything surrounding me serves as a giant play ground from where I choose the color palate, textures and shapes are processed in my head to the next collection. I adore vintage and love the comfort and functionality of new products. I try to combine it all to New Vintage Design.

You are invited to enter my shop & gallery and to be impressed. You are more than welcome to tell me what you think and place a costumed order.

My name is Lea Passi-Even, married & mother of four, 2 boys & 2 girls, born and raised in Tel Aviv. All my life I was creative, painted designed jewelry, painted on wood and more, but always as a hobby (worked many years as a research bio scientist and the in administrative senior jobs in parliament & government).  A combination of my creativity with the possibility to fulfill dreams of other women, gives me a lot of pleasure & joy. I observe and study the women surrounding me , their needs, loves & preferences, especially I love to listen to their desires & passions and translate it to special and elegant bags and of course  practical.

I studied web design, fashion styling and lately I learned how to design and make leather bags (at The Guild, Tel Aviv) and was captured by the magic of it. Leather comes in different  processing, a new leather sheet is like blank  page, the texture imposes what can be created out of it, an evening purse,  a big tote bag or maybe a piece of leather jewelry such as bracelet. The nicest thing is that the end product is always surprising ,and will not come out exactly as planned; leather has its own qualities that will add to the end product its special twist!


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