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Dry season, creativity, sustainability and everything in between

How the Covid19 changed our focus point on life

August is a busy month, hot, full of vacations and more. The world after (if you can say that already) Covid19, has changed. In some parameters we are back to our old ways, the traffic jams are back in a big way, we are back to being impatient and non tolerant to each other, etc. but, some things have changed (at list for now).

People realized what is really important in life, such as, more time with the family, especially when you are a parent to young children. During lockdowns, children gained precious time with their parents who are usually busy in the rat race, and many parents realized, that in the most important years of the children’s’ lives, it is very important to spend more time with them. This is one of the reasons for the lack of manpower in various jobs, especially those that require long working hours and suffer of unrewarding pay. People stopped for a moment to breathe, and fell in love with getting off the Ferris wheel, and set their priorities in life to different directions, appreciating the really important things in life. The world will have to prepare for the new situation, some jobs will be replaced by robots, and there may be professions that will disappear because they will be automated, maybe the work week or working hours will be shorter. in these long days of lockdown we got used to purchasing online, even those who didn't like it, had to adapt to the new situation, and some even started to enjoy it. For me, (and for many businesses owners I know as welI) I refreshed my website, and started selling online!

Design, Art and sustainability

I am privileged because I do things that I love. Design and art, have always brought me satisfaction and joy. When you do what you love, you don't feel like you're working, as was said before. In the previous post, I wrote about sustainability, I try to remember it in the background of my work, and in general in my life. I recently sorted through my jewelry, and found that some of them needed a little love. I took them to a jeweler, one of the pieces of jewelry that moved me was my handmade wedding ring that I haven't worn for many years because it didn't suit me. It was not easy to enlarge it because it has a special engraving on it, but a wonderful job was done and I am happy to wear it again. In general, it's fun to fall in love again with my old jewelry, most of which is already considered vintage, today and to remember why I fell in love with them in the first place.

My bags too, as you have already noticed if you follow me a little while, are influenced by past fashions, vintage bags, I really like to explore the development of women's status and freedom as expressed in fashion and especially in bags.

Sometimes the raw material dictates the design

I recently came across a beautiful leather in antique pink, and I knew I had to have it in my "crayon box".

I was so sure it would fit the first bag I made from it, an oversize clutch, which I had previously designed and made in several variations and colors.

As I said, sometime the material dictates the design, I recently got this bunch of fabric upholstery samples just before they were thrown to the trash can. I wait for the fabrics to speak to me and inspire me. I especially love the blue fabric, and I am already considering some ideas in my head for it. If you have any ideas how to incorporate them in the bag designs I'd love to hear!

So, enjoy the rest of your summer, and if you like to treat yourself or your loved ones, you are most welcome to take look in the shop, it is right here.

Illustration of a bag shop