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2021, Thank god you are over, what now?

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Happy new year, and I really mean it! What makes me happy? Staying healthy, seeing my family and doing what I love. These past 2 years made me realize what is really important in life. Since 2 of my children and their families live in Europe, I am talking about a son, daughter in law and 3 grandchildren in London, and a son, daughter in law and 2 grandchildren in Amsterdam; These 2 past years made it very hard to meet with them. I am happy to say that, we managed to do it more than once, and even last December, just a couple of weeks ago we all met in Amsterdam, the 1st time after 5 years, including 3 new grandchildren that were born during that time! I live in one of the “most vaccinated” countries, but constant talks in the media about the pandemic, and concentrating in the hard and pessimistic approach, for a long time makes it hard to keep your head above the water and stay optimistic.

I try to stay positive, do things that I love, I design a lot, not only bags I work a lot on the pictures that I post on social media, I photograph, I make videos, I reinvent old photos by designing them in a different way and context. I spent time in writing posts, I plead guilty in planning, I have to get better in that aspect. I plan a month ahead the general idea and colors, even the pictures, sometimes I change part of them, but the posts I write on the spot. I ordered few months ago some new gorgeous metal frames for the bags. For quite a long time I was looking for a frame to replace a beautiful frame I had for years and the clutch I designed with it was, and still is my best seller. Like it often happens, the supplier stopped selling it, and I couldn’t find it anywhere else, believe me, I tried. Finally, I decided to find another frame that resembles the style and size, and once I had that different approach, I found it and another one a bit bigger and I just love them both, and can’t wait to try them.

Well, it was not exactly a summery of 2021, but it’s my summery! I wish myself and all of you, that 2022 will be better then 2021, I said it last year, it didn’t really work out, I hope this time it works better! This week in my shop, a special sale for 0122 (that’s also the coupon code), buy for at list $290 and get 20% discount.

Happy 2022!

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