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Valentines Day, Pink, Red & Hope

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

On February 14, St. Valentine's Day will be celebrated around the world and in Israel as well. I decided to do some digging and understand who St. Valentine was. How the holy priest is related to romance, and why it became the holiday of romantic gifts

Why we celebrate Valentine?

There are several stories around it

-One legend says, that the origin is in the reign of the Roman emperor, Claudius II, in the third century AD. The emperor believed, that better soldiers were single soldiers, and therefore, forbade their marriage. Reverend Valentine, on the other hand, continued to hold secret weddings, but when his actions were discovered, the emperor ordered his execution

-Another legend tells of the daring priest Valentine who fled from the cruel prison in the Roman Empire Christians who were beaten and tortured, and when he was captured, he was executed

-According to a third legend, while the priest was a prisoner of war in the Roman prison, he fell in love with the prisoner daughter, and before his death he sent a letter to his lover signed with the words "from your Valentine," a phrase still used today.

But how did we get to celebrating February 14, of these sad and dark stories?

One speculation, claims to be the anniversary of Valentine's death, and another attributes this day's celebrations to the Roman Fertilization Festival which was a great celebration of lovers, outlawed in the fifth century, and in its place the Pope declared St. Valentine's Day.

The Americans, made a big celebration out of it, one billion love cards are sent each year in the United States, 35 million molded chocolate boxes are sold, 220 million red roses are awarded and all of these bring the Americans to spend no less than $20 billion a year on this day!

When talking about love, and thinking about colors, the colors pink and red come up. Red is linked to love. Paintings of hearts often come in red, in Chinese culture, red is a color of good luck and is used for decoration and wedding clothes. Pink, is the nickname for a color obtained by mixing the colors red and white and is sometimes also described as a light shade of red. Pink also symbolizes a positive and optimistic worldview, that keeps me hopeful for a brighter future ahead of us.

What really matters, especially at the end of this year, when we had to stay away from our loved ones and family, is, to remember that love is not just red roses and chocolates. Love is more than that, love should be expressed by showing care and concern for the health and lives of our loved ones.

Red Bow in the shape of two hearts

But in the end of the day, we all like to get gifts, if you want to spoil your loved ones with a meaningful gift, leather bags are definitely an option. You will find on the website at a discount, red and pink bags in various designs, from now until 14.2.2021 To happy times!

I want to mention 2 dear friends that are artists, the talented jeweler Irit Digmi, that creates wounderful and colorful earring, and the gifted painter Aliza Gutman that creates beautiful paintings.

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