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"Black and white always looks modern, whatever that word means" -Karl Lagerfeld

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Black and white is always right, coming out of that assumption, it's the easiest formula for a put-together look. It can also be a background to colorful accessories or, if you take it to black and white accessories, it can be a classic addition to basic outfits or color block outfits. Its hard to imagine but, the fact is, that black and white go together with many colors, they are almost natural, like any of them separately. White is the color of purity, wedding dresses in the western culture, in the Japanese culture it is also a color used in moaning. Black is associated with the iconic little black dress of Chanel, and with moaning. Widows were expected to wear black for a year. I had an aunt who lost her 2 children and since then, she wore always black, but that's extreme. When you don’t know what to wear, most of the time your 1st choice would be black, I know some people who wear only black, it's easy, always looks appropriate, for day time and for night time as well. When you combine both of them, you can sometimes get a dramatic look due to the contrast effect, it depends on the proportion between both, I think, the more balanced (meaning the amount of both, is quite the same) it is, it gets more dramatic. For example, a white dress with a little black pattern is not as dramatic as a jacket, divided in the middle to B & W. It's all about the impact you want to leave!

If you want to keep it simple, you can wear monochromatic clothes such as a white dress with black accessories, or vice versa, White blouse and black trousers, and a black and white bag! Anyway, when you combine both of them, it's hard to mess up. This timeless color combination, is always here, no matter what hot trends are going on right now.

Let's talk a little bit about black and white accessories, especially bags. Black bags you will always have in your inventory, either a black tote or a black evening clutch that is a must have! Sometimes, in the summer time you will choose a trendy white bag to add to your bright cloths, but have you ever considered a black and white bag?