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Fall colors & How to find our way as a business in Covid19 times?

This virus affected our lives in so many ways, I am not going to talk about all the changes in our lives, you all know exactly how it affected you personally, and all your surroundings! I am also not going to tell you how Covid19 made my life better, and it's the best thing that happened to me, because it's not; But it made me think about my business, try to see how I can navigate through this period with my business, keep my head above the water, and simply be here, be seen!

In order to do that, I had to think outside the box, appraise my business and see what directions are right for me. First of all, I set down to look at what I already have, and then think what changes I can make in order to do some fine tuning. I put a big flashlight on my digital assets: - I have a website, built it myself from scratch two times, the last time was about three years ago, looks nice, has no shop, very few people enter. What should I do? make it better basically, improve the traffic, build a shop, upload new products. Do it myself again? After a brainstorming with me and myself, and the government offered to help by refunding a significant part of the expenses, it was just mandatory to do it now, no more excuses! I hired a professional this time! she built a beautiful site, totally different then the old one (you are most welcome to browse), with a functional digital shop, indexed in google. I watch this baby grow, every day I see the traffic grow, and I thank you all for that!

On top of it all, at the same time, Instagram, one of my favorite social platforms, opened the opportunity for us Israelis to build a shop, or more correctly to tag our products, and link them to our website. I was dreaming about that for a long time, and finally it all happened at once, new site with a shop & Instagram tagging!

Since then I am busy uploading products to my site, lots of work, but I love it! And finally, since it all happened in that time of black Friday, holidays sales, shopping IL here in Israel, all I can say is, if you wish for it and imagine it, it will happen to you!

So, I am busy, waiting for this virus to fly away from our lives, like I am sure all of you are as well, so I can see my family in Europe ASAP, and feel free again, because on top of all, I miss freedom and spontaneity in my life. Stay safe and be happy, better times will come. I attach some happy pink and peach bags, that go well with fall colors, and with hope! If you are intrested in more bags, enter the shop page

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