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Sales seasons and mini collections

Everybody love sales

But, how can a small business keep up with the sales of big businesses? Frankly, it’s not a fair competition, and it is not really possible.

Small Business and Sales

When you are a small business like me and many others, especially when your are a designer and create your products, it’s very hard. You put time, love and work in every product, and you want to sell it to someone that will appreciate the uniqueness, the one of a kind products, and the hand made.

How to participate in sales, especially in the big sales of November?

A long time ago, I decided that since I am not a massive production company, I can give a small discount and I can not compete with big companies, and frankly, I don’t want to compete with them. People who look for big discounts, sorry, you came to the wrong place! I will keep doing my own designs, small collections of special designs, give very good personal service, and hope to get to the people that will appreciate it!