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Bags, Trips, and In-Between

This time of the year, when the warm season turns to a cool one is my favorite. In Israel, it happens very slowly, at first the nights and mornings are less warm, and the days are still hot, it will take another month at least and maybe more, until the heat is completely gone. This is also the period of the Jewish High Holidays, the beginning of a Jewish year, everything is fresh, new and full of hope, In the prayers we say

"May the ending year goes with its curses, and the new year comes with its blessings"

Every year we say and really mean it and hope that this time it will really happen. Over the years I have learned that there are things that we can't control, but how we respond to them and grow from them, is completely up to us. This year we got to travel a lot. Before Rosh Hashanah we traveled in Corfu and mountainous Greece, we absorbed beautiful views, and pleasant company.

We celebrated Rosh Hashanah with our "international" family in London at the eldest son's home, you can read about it in the post on Facebook.

Pictures from a trip to Corfu and mountainous Greece - September 2022
Pictures from a trip to Corfu and mountainous Greece - September 2022

On the trip to Greece, we had small talk about the need to sort out the wallet before traveling abroad, take out everyday things that are not necessary for the everyday of a vacation, and put in things that are necessary in their place, such as a credit card for use abroad, local money, some local cash for payment For a taxi back home, international SIM, passport and more. Then, an idea was thrown in the air (How didn't I think of it?) Two wallets, one for everyday use and one for travel! Sounds like such a useful and doable idea to me. The wallet I use every day is very comfortable for me, I designed it according to my needs, in bottle green and it has been with me for several years.

You don't replace a winning horse, but you definitely update it!

I designed the new one a little bit bigger, the front pocket is big enough for passport and phone together. I added a couple of hidden loops in the back, to which you can attach a chain, and then the purse also becomes an evening bag, which is necessary for some evenings and eliminates the need to take another bag with you.

Like any new design, I experiment with it myself first. I really enjoyed the wallet on the family trip to London, really recommend it.

At this point, it is only made to order, there are pictures on the website, you are welcome to order. If you want it in a different color, please write to me, you can also add your name/initials imprint on it if you like, in Latin letters.

Happy New Year!