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How I srarted talking to two amazing business women, and what happend since...

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A few months ago, I bought a pair of earrings from Irit Digmi. I came across her on Facebook, they arrived quickly, I really liked them and wore them all the time.

Not long ago, I upgraded my website, built a store and while wandering around the works of Daphne Levy who did the work for me, I came across Irit's site, I looked and liked. I do not remember what the order of things was, but, I wanted to ask her something, wrote her, asked if it was possible to talk, and we talked, a long conversation, in which we discovered that we have a lot in common. The truth is we have not stopped talking since!

A few words about me. Today I design leather bags and accessories. All my life I have been involved in design and art but it took me many years to bring it to the forefront of the stage. I always thought it was not important enough to devote all my attention to it. About eight years ago I got off the Ferris wheel, the children grew up and left home, my job as an employee ended abruptly and this world no longer suited me, I felt it was my time, that I wanted to do what I love. I rolled into leather design and opened up to a new and fascinating world. I was drawn to the variety of textures and colors, the large leather sheets fascinated me and when I saw one that I liked, I imagined what bags I would create from it. Sometimes the process is different, I see beautiful leather, and I feel it should be in my colored pencil box, and then one day an idea popped into my fevered mind for a new design and this leather was just right! It is the same with special buckles, metal chains, and laces, that I like to incorporate in my works.

In the past, I did many years of scientific research, and the love for research never left me. When I have an idea in mind for a new bag and I do not know how to turn the design into a cut, I find myself researching books, online, getting help from colleagues and not stopping until I crack all the problems

What I like especially ? Looking at a sheet of leather, designing a new bag and waiting patiently until it's done, the result is always surprising, the final bag shape will be affected by the quality of the leather, its softness, thickness, its fall. So, no dull moment!

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If I go back for a moment to the story of my acquaintance with Irit, already in our first conversation, Irit said that she knows someone else Aliza Gutman, a painter who is also like us a little over 30 and very digital. She thought the connection between us three, can be good. I agreed immediately! On that day our WhatsApp group was set up and since then we have not stopped consulting, learning and teaching, and give credit to each other! we set up a networking team that works non-stop, and we enjoy every moment!

So meet Irit Digmi, a 69 - year - young, multidisciplinary actress and artist who designs earrings with combinations of colorful Swarovski stones. When I first came across her, I asked myself why this particular shape of the earring? Her answer was, that there is something harmonious in the shape of the three marquises, reminiscent of leaves and from her experience, it suits every woman. Her color combinations are very special and many of them are unconventional, she draws inspiration from nature, seasons, plants etc. I already have two pairs, I am sure I will have more, because it is really hard to resist them. I Invite you to be impressed, I am addicted to this beauty.

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Meet Aliza Gutman, Aliza is a multidisciplinary artist who sculpts in clay, illustrates books and is mainly a painter. Her paintings connect to Hebrew poetry, she connects paintings to Israeli songs, paints in a variety of colors, techniques and materials and creates original and unique paintings full of color and beauty. Behind every painting there is a story, movement flow and vitality even though it is still. Aliza strives to make Israeli art accessible to every person and home in Israel.

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