How I combined Quarantin and Collages

Updated: Jan 20

It's my first time in isolation. This time it's really close, my husband turned out as a verified patient for covid19, despite all the caution, you take, sometimes it catches you. Me and my daughter are negative, so everyone is in isolation but not together. He's alone, and we're together. On the one hand I thank heaven, that he feels really fine, a little weakness that has improved a lot already, and that we did not get infected because I especially, slept with the enemy before I knew! Since we have known that he is positive I am sleeping with my daughter in her double bed, it's nice we have not been doing that for years! I have lots of free time, and I find myself working for hours on the computer, product photography, promotions.

The thing I love to do lately, is create collages. It really became an addiction, and you can see them on my Instagram and also on Facebook from time to time.

Each platform has its pros and cons, and the most important thing is, to adjust the size of the images to the requirements, otherwise it will be cut in places you did not expect,

and sometimes it cuts exactly at what is most important for you to bring to the front line!

So as an example, I add here one collage that I posted on both Facebook and Instagram Story, and how it was adapted to each platform.

Sometimes I also change it a little to make it more interesting. For example, I posted this collage on Facebook and shared earrings from my jeweler friend Irit Digmy. On Instagram, I had to quarter the rectangle, and also decided to slightly change and replace some of the photos.

At the end, I made a photo that is 3 times in length, and 3 times in width from the desired size for the photo on Instagram and cut it into 9 squares. Then, I uploaded each one as a single photo. I find that cuts in unexpected places create interest and curiosity towards the following images.

I wish you all health, I wish this period would already be behind us, and we can get on with our lives and enjoy the new world that awaits us!

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