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A magic plate, and how it changed my perspective on the photogenic side of things

In the previous post I told you about my new friends. Since I have known them, I discovered new sites, apps any many goodies and good people came to my life. One of them is Tzivka Tyomkin, a photographer that these days is more engaged in creating tools for photographers.

One of the amazing tools he created is, a spinning plate. I bet you wonder what the hell am I talking about. Well, it is one of those things you say to yourself, so simple and so amazing at the same time! When you make products like bags or jewelry, you want to show them from all angles.

I, usually take pictures of the front side. I tried to take from the back as well but it is not always interesting enough. When you use this magic plate you get a view from all angles and suddenly this zipper pocket in the back, or those special hidden stitches are seen in all their glory! What a better way to display your creations! It is especially important when you sell online, you want to make people feel your products’ vibe, I think it’s a wonderful way to make people feel the product, like they can almost touch it! They also say that social media prefers videos, so you get both goals!

And now I have a new toy to play with, and they call it work! 🤣

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