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2020, What a special year, was it good or challenging for you?

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Well finally, this year is about to leave us, thank god! Such an harmonious number, 2020 and such a crazy year! By the end of last year, 2019, we started to hear about a mysterious virus in China. And I thought well, China is very far, what does it got to do with us here in Israel? When the year began, it started getting closer. In the end of February, I went to visit my Son and his family in London. We bought some masks, wore them on the plane, but we were the only ones with masks! In London nobody wore masks, so we handled ourselves like no virus was around. When we came back in the beginning of March, my husband didn’t feel well, we are sure he caught the virus, but doctors didn't know much about it, and if you didn’t suffer from difficulties to breath, they said you are not sick! It took about 2 weeks of extreme fatigue until it went away. About 2 weeks ago, he felt the same, and this time he was tested, positive, just saying. But that is not what I wanted to talk about, I will try to sum up this strange and unusual year. Since my 2 sons live in Europe with their families, I didn’t see them for almost a year.

This is not normal at all!

As for my business, I turned more "digital", I was always, but now I am doing it all the time, I find ways to learn new things, and to update the things I already know. I do lots of networking with people that have small businesses like me, and face similar problems, I find it priceless, it enriched me so much! I enjoy sharing my knowledge, and the new things I learn with others, and learn from them new things as well, it gives me such pleasure!

As for staying home, this year just proved how much I love working from home, and what a good decision it was when I made it years ago, when I started my business. This last month, I rearranged my studio, just before counting all the inventory, and it feels good. I also invested a little bit in upgrading my home, and it makes it comfortable and beautiful. I believe that when your surroundings are beautiful, it gives you pleasure and peace of mind, those conditions, bring out all your creativity!

I hope we learned some things from this special year, and will not just keep hopping that everything will get back to normal, because, it won't, the world changed, we changed, I just hope it is for the better. The virus is still here with us, but the vaccine is as well, it's unbelievable how fast it came! I took the 1st shot already, waiting for the 2nd one in 2 weeks' time. For me, I know it made me appreciate the simple things in life, those I took for granted, such as meeting my family whenever I want, enjoying them, appreciate every little time we spend together, I appreciate my husband and my little daughter that live together with me, I appreciate having home cooked meals with them. I appreciate above all, the freedom to come and go, wherever I want and whenever I want, when I don't have it, I miss it so much! I am blessed to be a creative person, it is not manifested only in creating beautiful bags from scratch following crazy ideas from my head, it also helps me adjust to changes, make adjustments to my business, and above all prepare myself for a new and exciting times that await us!

Bye Bye 2020, Welcome 2021, be good to us!


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