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מהו יום העצמאות לנשים עצמאיות?

What is it between contrasts and harmony?

Independence Day is upon us. I live in a young country, only 73 years old. When you look at what achievements we have reached in this short time the heart explodes with pride. My country is a country of contrasts, a lot of good, but also few things in need of improvement. I have chosen to see the good, even in challenging situations, like last year, especially for business women. Even in the contrasts that are part of our lives in all areas, I believe, one can find good things as well. What symbolizes this better than the colors of the Israeli flag, blue and white, seemingly contrasting colors, but it is ours and when we look at them with excitement, we see such harmony!

The harmony of color combinations

I really like colors, and in my bags, I actually like matching colors or different textures of leather with a close tint. I rarely design in contrasting colors. But there are some designs, where I actually went wild and went for contrasts. For example, peach pink and dark gray, peach pink and burgundy, peach pink and a light pink texture (crazy on peach pink, what can I say) blue and green - a combination I have loved for many years, and how is it possible without the classic combination, black and white. But, like I said I love close shades, my inspiration is from everything around me, nature - I must say that the amazing color combinations in nature, are the basis for everything right and beautiful, street fashion and fashion shows as well; but I do not feel committed to trends, many times the materials, colors and texture are the ones that appeal to me, and they fit into all sorts of ideas that run through my head.