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The holiday of whites and a story of a black custom made pouch

The last holiday in the Hebrew calendar

is the holiday of Shavuot, a holiday of farmers, because such were our ancestors once. The holiday of harvest, finally after all the work invested all year, comes the time to reap the labor and enjoy the fruits which in this case are the wheat.

Lately, we have learned to appreciate the little things that together form the big picture of our lives - to enjoy the white foam on the coffee, a cup of coffee in a cafe, a good meal in a restaurant, the possibility of walking without a mask outside.

The livelihood also became not obvious. When a customer came to me and ordered a special bag, and said that, a year and a half ago she saw a bag that I made for another customer, and wrote to herself that one day she would order a gift for her birthday from me! it makes me so appreciative and grateful!

A custom made/made to order design

Sometimes, the process of working on a special order is simple, this time it was complicated. The design does not always "easily accept" the new dimensions, it "fights" them, and it takes time, and planning to achieve the best result with the new dimensions, In this case, it's an oversize pouch. The client wanted there to be several carrying options: on the shoulder, cross body and also on the waist. Due to the huge size, not all options were available in one strap. It was necessary to create another shorter strap that would only fit the waist.