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Spring Time, Holidays, What's New?

When I wrote here last time, 4 months ago, we were still in the middle of Covid life,for 2 years, I am vaccinated (4 times!) and I didn’t know that my time as a “Teflon” (this is how we call here those who were not sick) are coming to an end! Few days after, the omicron paid me a visit! It was short and very easy, just like flue and it was over! With all the things going on here and in Europe, I didn’t find the inspiration and the will to write about unimportant things like fashion, style and beautiful things.

Blue and green hand made leather clutches
Blue-green turquoise bags

But some escapism is needed here. Spring is here, one of my favorite seasons, winter is finally over, summer is not here yet, and we can enjoy colors and the beautiful nature! My new mini collection is all about colors, 5 beautiful clutches, as I like it, each one is slightly different, not only by color, also the pattern is a bit diverse. And colors, will make you smile, Fuchsia, Peach, Bordeaux, Blue-Turquoise, Green-Turquoise. This time, I went for the classic pattern. This time no wristlet or long chain. The special addition is a smaller separate zipper clutch that can serve as a “pocket” or a separate clutch with a wristlet. Until the end of the month you can have them for 20% off, and also some of the metal frame clutches as well. So, it’s really time to treat yourself! I wish all my Jewish family and friends happy Passover, and all the rest of the world Ramadan Carim and Happy Easter!

Fuchsia, Peach and Bordeaux clutch bags
Clutch bags, shades of pinks

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