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International Women's Day, what does it mean for women today?

Why women's day is not everyday?

Women are half of the world population, why do we need a special day for the world to remember us? we live in the 21st century, women have gone a long way, they can vote, speak their mind, choose to marry or not to marry, give birth to children with a partner or by themselves, or not at all, work and earn money, sometimes even big money, but many women still earn less then men doing the same job! These are most of the women I know and see around me. In some countries they can't get a driver's license, or open a bank account, they need to get the approval of their husbands for simple day to day decisions. Women all over the world are still bitten, murdered and raped, the abuse is an act of violence and power that is sometimes expressed as sexual violence. It happens a lot with people they know and trust, and some of them even choose not to press charges, they just don't want to relive it all over again.

What happened to us this last year?

This year has made the life of some women even worse because they found themselves in the same house with the person abusing them and no where to escape. I think we still have a long way to grow and educate ourselves. Having said that, I think that we live in amazing times, there are no better times for women, then now, women have amazing opportunities, more freedom to grow and fulfill their dreams. They have the intelligence, a systemic insight, and the compassion to take into consideration all aspects of a situation, and act with the best interest of all participants in front of their eyes. Particularly in this pandemic, we could notice the women leaders that stood out in their attitude and solutions they brought. As an example, we can point out the PR minister of New Zeeland that handled the pandemic in an extraordinary way!

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I think we already know that women are not the weak gender, they are the strong one, they are beautiful and smart!

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I refer you to 2 of my talented creator friends, the jeweler Irit Digmi, talking about the 2 years birthday to her earrings firm, and Aliza Gutman the painter telling a bit about herself, and her art. Enjoy!

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