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Freedom, and what it means for us, do we appreciate it more now?

Passover, is the holiday of freedom

this year will be totally different than last year.

It is symbolic that near Passover we came out of a kind of "slavery, imprisonment" or all sorts of terms that broadly sum up the denial of our civil liberty following a very unconventional world epidemic we experienced this year.

Happy Passover

Do we appreciate freedom more now?

Perhaps, it is too early to conclude, because the world around us is still struggling with the epidemic, here in Israel, to our great relief, we see slowly begin to return to a blessed routine. The question remains, whether we have taken anything with us from this challenging period, Or, will we return to our previous lives as if nothing had happened, and this year will remain a distant memory.

For the families of those who lost their lives, everything has changed, and for those who have lost businesses and jobs, it will also take time to recalculate their new route.

Who benefits from stressful situations?

There are also those who actually flourished in difficult times. For people who are entrepreneurs in their essence, those changes only ignite the creative gen in them, and they know how to reinvent themselves, and some of them even increased their businesses.

What happened to me? I rebuilt my website with a store, this time I took a professional help and didn’t do it all by myself. I started blogging, I studied digital marketing for businesses in an excellent course that I received as a gift from the state, Google, ShoppingIL and other organizations.

What to aspire for?

Looking forward, I am full of hope that better days are ahead of us. And hey, if you've come this far, first of all thank you, and like Dr. Seuss said “Oh the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind!" make sure that wherever you go, get there with a beautiful bag! Spring is here, you are most welcome to the store to choose a new bag !

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