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Why we need a new bag when we stay home most of the time?

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

These days, we spend a lot of time at home. For many of us, there is a need to upgrade our home, to make it feel more comfortable and cozier. Many of us renovate, redesign, and purchase home decor accessories.

And what about us? Is walking around in track suit all the time, and forgetting what it is to dress nicely and go out, is that what we expect now and, in the days, to come? Because actually, where can we get dressed and go? Going down to dump the garbage, going to buy food at the supermarket, going out with the dog, and the highlight of the trip, going to the drugstore, where we are already starting to feel human, to miss what we were and will be back when better days will come.

So, let's talk a little bit about our outfit, it consists of clothing, us women use also cosmetics, makeup, perfume and accessories - fashion accessories defined in Wikipedia as …" An item used to add to a person's overall look beyond wearing it, and to complete it in order to achieve a fashionable look. "

A bag is an essential accessory for all the things we need when we leave the house, whether it is a large tote bag, a large backpack or oversize clutch bag during the day, and a smaller clutch bag in the evening. I love my bags beautifully designed and original. The pursuit of design, especially these days, is for me, an island of sanity. Creating beautiful things, tinkering with colors and textures, leaves me on the scale of working with beauty. I was debating whether to continue posting pictures of bags on social media, I work a lot with Instagram, after thoughts and questions I decided, that it's an additional way to concentrate on beauty, colors and happy things. Focusing on the frequency of beauty, painting life in happy and optimistic shades, seems the right thing for me.

I also use this period for studies of zoom workshops, on topics that enrich me professionally and strengthen me spiritually and mentally. I saw a great opportunity to refresh my site, to build a digital store, with a face to the future, because between us, after getting used to everything coming at our door, it seems to me that a lot of us will want this to continue, it's just convenient and prevents us from spending time in crowded places.

So how do you spend time in times of closure? do you walk around the house wearing shabby clothes most of the time, trying to stay optimistic with a face forward to better times that will come after? What keeps you sane?

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