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Do you like OOK -One Of a Kind?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

As part of our section, professional terms that I thought everyone knew, what the hell was I thinking to myself…

Yesterday, I published a story on Instagram with a question, Do you like OOK Bag? I meant handmade, one of a kind, which is often the bags I design, even if it's a small collection, because its handmade, chances are that each one is, and therefore will fall into the OOK category.

So now, everyone knows what my intent was, and frankly, it's not a confidential information, just saying. So, do you belong to this group of OOK lovers? Tell me, even if you are not, that's perfectly okay, I'd love to hear about it anyway, what made you a part of the first, or the second group.

When I started my business, I experimented with different bag patterns. I did not yet have a clear direction, but I knew that I really like vintage and I wanted to explore different cuts and revive them and create new bags inspired by them. Each bag was OOK literally, if I liked it, I would continue to develop the pattern and create a mini collection and sometimes, abandon it and move on to new designs. It was very important to me, to get into the head of the modern woman and think about how she would like her New Vintage bag. What would she add, for example a long strap in addition to a short one, what would she skip over, and what would she add? For example, I tried to use contemporary materials rather than velvet fabrics with handmade embroidery. Many times, I add special laces, interesting frames, and mostly play and have fun with different designs.

Do you like vintage? Would you prefer an original vintage piece, or a retro one, vintage inspired, as I call it "New Vintage", a seemingly contradiction, but in my opinion, not at all. I'd love to hear to hear!

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