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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Why do I like to design leather bags?

A quality leather bag, is a very strong bag, which can be used for years, compared to simple and cheap bags, which can be designed very nicely, but are made of low-quality leather-like materials. It is very tempting to buy such bags, but in practice, you have to replace them often, and in the end, as my mother used to say, the cheapest comes out expensive! And in practice more polluting the environment.

I have always loved leather; I loved the smell and the texture. The first bag I designed, and created was made from leather scraps, I purchased from some factory, I put them together patiently, matched colors and shapes, and sewed with a regular sewing machine that belonged to my mother. My mother was a seamstress, I grew up in an environment of fabrics and yarns. I learned to sew with a sewing machine next to playing with dolls, it seemed natural to me, I thought it was the same for everyone. Already at a young age, I sewed prom dresses for my Barbie dolls. I knew how to sew on a machine, but when I wanted a garment for myself, it was always my mother who sewed for me. Even so, to sew a button, fix a hem or a seam that was unraveled I always knew how.

A few years ago, when I finished my last job as an employee, I came across a leather bag design course. The love for leather, and creation connected in the most natural way and I enjoyed every moment. Over the years, I came across clients who were interested in bags made of other materials, and I pretty much ignored them, saying I was not there, the truth is, I did not connect to any kind of faux leather. I do not know what happened now, but I decided to design a small collection, of leather-like backpacks. I don't really like backpacks either, but somehow when I put together these two "dislikes" I actually liked the result.

I have been looking for quality materials for a long time, a really strong and quality material. and when I found this excellent material, that was also beautiful, I decided to jump into the water. So, this is the first bag, a few more will follow, in more colors. Small collections, as I like, a small number of designs. Did you like them? Tell me, I would love to hear.

PS. of course you can order the design in leather as well, I would love to make OOK for you!

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